Migration support for implementing human-centered cyber-physical systems

Cyber-Physical System
Foto: Ludmilla Parsyak © Fraunhofer IAO


Industrie 4.0 is proving to be a controversial topic. Initial applications in the form of isolated solutions have already been implemented on company shop floors as part of self-contained test environments. However, the people who work directly in production or logistics are rarely involved in conceptualizing and designing these innovative solutions. The MyCPS research project aims to develop and carry out initial testing of systematic methods for the practical migration of human-centered digitalized production processes towards becoming cyber-physical systems (CPS). The project focuses on getting employee input on the design, implementation and further development of the solutions to ensure the application’s success. In working with social partners, information security and data protection are essential.


At the participating companies, Industrie 4.0 prototype solutions for manufacturing, assembly, internal logistics and production control are being implemented as a fundamental part of value creation in industry. This also ensures market acceptance of sustainable solutions. To this end, the roles, tasks and functions of the employees are modeled into a “human image” and transferred into the planned holistic concept of using a participatory approach for designing any human-centered CPS. Once standardized principles are derived and described, use cases and implementation scenarios for the production systems of the individual companies are fleshed out. Strategies are also developed for the expansion and interaction of Industrie 4.0 technologies across the whole company.


Methods, models and tools are not just developed and evaluated but also standardized and refined in collaboration with the project partners. In addition to this method, which is particularly suitable for SMEs, companies can also access a “migration toolbox” in the form of an interactive internet platform. This toolbox contains strategies and methods for analyzing, planning, realizing and evaluating use cases to aid successful implementation of company projects. What is more, commercially viable software tools are being developed to help manufacturing companies across different sectors introduce human-centered CPS.