Diversity and Change

Corporate culture is a key element in any change process. It determines how well new processes, structures, and strategies can be implemented in an organization. It is a strong motivating factor for employees, strengthens their identification with the company, and contributes to employer appeal.

We develop methods that enable corporate cultures to be described in terms that allow this knowledge to be profitably exploited. We use the expertise we have acquired through many years of research and consulting activities to help companies identify the strengths and weaknesses of their specific organizational and leadership cultures.

We utilize a combination of methods drawn from the social sciences and design theory to investigate, support, and implement cultural change processes in corporate environments. Fraunhofer possesses a great deal of expertise in the methods and routines used to carry out and analyze qualitative interviews and quantitative online surveys relating to corporate culture. The addition of new approaches based on design and management studies has already led to success in many research and consulting projects conducted on behalf of research organizations, industrial associations, and private enterprises.

We help companies to sound out the genetic makeup of their “corporate DNA”, enabling them to pinpoint the areas most in need of change. Together we devise solutions based on this information in order to master challenges such as:

  • What management and employment models promise the most success in the context of Work 4.0 and the digital transformation of the business world?
  • What is the best employer branding strategy for attracting recruits and retaining experienced specialists in the long term?
  • How can my organization better tap the potential of women employees?