Need-Oriented Research Planning

How can it be assured that innovative ideas will win public acceptance? What is the best way of integrating users’ needs early in the technology development process? What new aspects of product and service transformation must be considered in the digital age?

We develop innovative working models that enable users’ needs to be incorporated in the technological transformation process from day one. In this needs-oriented approach to research planning, the wishes and requirements of societal stakeholders regarding future solutions are systematically made available at an early stage in the technology development process.

Our working model is a novel combination of methods drawn from design research and the social sciences. The use of collaborative innovation processes enables societal trends to be harnessed for the purpose of developing new technologies. Our role is to bridge the gap between research findings and society’s needs, thus opening new avenues for the transfer of technology and knowledge. The aim of our needs-oriented approach is to help develop successful and sustainable future-proof solutions that will be accepted by society at large.

We employ participatory foresight methodologies when presenting new technology options to research organizations, the business community, and government policy-makers. This provides a debating platform that enables society’s needs to flow into the technology development process from the outset. We conduct technology acceptance studies to identify the requirements that new technologies must meet. In the case of tailored technologies and services, we conduct surveys to determine the requirements of a technology’s users, and devise new digital strategies based on the needs of partners and customers.