Identity Management

The Identity Management Competence Team deals with economic, technical and organizational issues pertaining to identity management and information security both within companies and across organizations.

Among these issues are Enterprise Identity Management, federated identity management, and the integration of current information security standards and good practice into companies and company networks, with a particular emphasis on systems’ economic viability, their thorough integration into an organization, and their interplay with company ecosystems.

The range of services offered includes support and advice in choosing and introducing Enterprise Identity Management systems, help with information security for SMEs, and industry-specific analyses and studies. The team also advises on the implementation of information security management standards such as IT baseline protection and the ISO 27001 certification offered by Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). The Identity Management Competence Team has a wealth of experience in analyzing and developing identity management systems, and it is actively broadening this knowledge base through its involvement in national and international research projects.