Human-Computer Interaction

The Human-Computer Interaction Competence Center works within the areas of design, implementation and evaluation of graphic, acoustic and multimodal user interfaces.The Human-Computer Interaction Competence Center aims to leverage the digitalization opportunities offered by new types of human-computer interaction as effectively as possible.

Our specialists identify promising technologies that deliver information efficiently and facilitate intuitive interaction. They also develop innovative approaches to shaping user interaction experiences and demonstrate them using interactive means.

With our portfolio of services for partners in industry, we support the implementation of user-friendly applications and system solutions that meet future requirements.

Key activities include:

  • Development and deployment of new technologies for human-computer interaction
  • Conception, design and development of interactive systems
  • Graphic, acoustic and multimodal user interfaces
  • Development of company-specific style guides and design patterns
  • Prototyping
  • Development of technical proof-of-concept solutions