Dienstag, 03.06.2014 - Freitag, 06.06.2014

The R&D Management Conference 2014

The R&D Management Conference 2014
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Management of Applied R&D: Connecting high value solutions with future markets

The renowned international R&D Management Conference 2014 offers representatives from science and industry a platform for exchanging views on the latest research results, projects, and visionary ideas in the field of R&D management. As this year’s host, Fraunhofer IAO is inviting participants to Stuttgart under the heading of “Management of Applied R&D: connecting high value solutions with future markets”.

June 4, 2014: Workshops and sessions

In addition to the general thematic streams for the submission of abstracts and papers in the area of R&D Management, there is a selection of special sessions in more defined areas, each organized collaboratively between an academic and an industrial partner. Each special session will start with a scene setter by the industrial partner and will give participants the opportunity to discuss contributions. Abstracts for the thematic streams and special sessions are selected based on their scientific excellence and how innovative they are, especially with regard to industrial relevance. If appropriate, we will recommend one of the special sessions for any abstracts and papers submitted.

The thematic streams are:

  • R&D Organization and Efficiency
  • Strategic R&D and Technology Management
  • Innovative IT Systems in R&D

These are complemented by the following special sessions (the complete list of special sessions is accessible on the conference website):

  • R&D Management in Emerging Economies
  • Innovative R&D Organization
  • Sustainability and R&D Management
  • Future R&D Workspaces
  • Managing Service Development
  • Managing the Human Side of R&D
  • Managing Business Model Development

Evening reception
The Mercedes-Benz Museum exhibits the continuous results of world-class R&D, providing the perfect framework for the evening reception of the R&D Management Conference 2014.

Program at a glance:

  • Welcome to the R&D Management Conference 2014
  • Parallel Sessions & Special Sessions
  • Workshops and Discussions
  • Reception at the Mercedes-Benz Museum