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DET 2014 – The 8th International Conference on Digital Enterprise Technology

DET 2014 - The 8th International Conference on Digital Enterprise Technology
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Disruptive Innovation in Manufacturing engineering towards the 4th Industrial Revolution

We are pleased to invite you to attend the 8th International Conference on Digital Enterprise Technology – DET 2014 – sponsored by the International Academy for Production Engineering (CIRP) and organized by the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO in Stuttgart in partnership with the University of Bath. The conference focuses on the need to find a common understanding of what role DET will play in disruptive innovation within the manufacturing sector.

Scientific Topics
Digital Enterprise Technology represents systems and methods employed along the entire chain of production, from digital modeling, simulation and optimization within collaborative product development, through to factory and production process planning. DET 2014 specifically aims to provide an international forum for the exchange of leading- edge scientific knowledge and industrial experience directly relating to the development and integration of DET and the impact this will have on the 4th Industrial Revolution. The topics addressed cover the entire lifecycle of product, factory and manufacturing processes, beginning with product design and development, followed by the engineering of factories, machines, equipment and technical processes, through to the commissioning and ramp up of production. These topics will be complemented by a look at manufacturing operation, maintenance and facility management, as well as the recycling and reuse of products and materials, factory overhaul and the environmentally compatible dismantling of production plant. The conference language is English.

Scientific Conference Areas
Authors are invited to submit abstracts/papers referring to at least one of the following topics:

Product & Process

  • Product design modelling and visualisation
  • Manufacturing process modelling and simulation
  • Collaborative engineering and manufacturing
  • Rapid manufacturing
  • Reverse engineering


  • Virtual Factory
  • Digital Factory
  • Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Smart Factory
  • Automation and control

Systems, IT & Interoperability

  • Systems communication and interoperability
  • IT-based product-service systems
  • Service oriented and Cloud-based environments for manufacturing

Life Cycle

  • Product, process and factory life-cycle management