Donnerstag, 04.04.2019 - Freitag, 05.04.2019

CO2 Neutral Smart Cities

CO2 Neutral Smart Cities
Photo by Chen Hu on Unsplash


Morgenstadt Innovation Network

Currently, we find ourselves at a temperature increase of about 0.17°C per decade. It is time for cities and corporations to step-up and take the lead into a carbon free future. This Morgenstadt / Future Cities conference will explore appropriate pathways for transition, show solutions at hand and discuss the questions that are still unsolved. Join us on our journey into a carbon free urban future!

The way we, as humans, have developed our lifestyle, has a negative impact on global warming: Currently, we find ourselves at an increase of about 0.17 °C per decade. Additionally, the effort on reducing the carbon budget to limit an increase of 1.5°C, established in the Paris Agreement, still requires major actions.

For the first time this year the Fraunhofer Morgenstadt Conference will take place, with focus on CO2 neutral smart cities. It will be held in Leipzig on the 4th and 5th of April. The conference’s main goal will be to define an action- and roadmap in order to decrease our CO2 emissions in the sectors of energy, industry, transport, data and buildings. Research, companies and cities will once again come together to deepen their knowledge in those areas and to expand their own scope of action in order to meet the current challenges that cities are facing. Participants of our conferences will be joining from all over the world - this year we are expecting the participation of cities like Stockholm (Sweden), Medellin (Colombia), Eilat (Israel), Kochi (India), as well as of industries and different Fraunhofer Institutions, covering the sectors of buildings, mobility, industry and data. The Morgenstadt Confercences are aiming to build a discussion around an optimized solution for CO2 neutral smart buildings. We would like to present topics such as retrofitting, low-carbon heating and cooling, solar coolers, heat pumps, low-carbon constructions and the optimisation of space at our conference on which we would like to invite you to join the discussion with your current state of research.

This year our invitation is not only going out to invite you as a participating partner but also to join us in one of our panels. In presentation slots of 20 minutes one city, one industry and one research institution’s representative will be presenting their current state of research or implementation, finalizing with a discussion panel regarding the influence of each topic in neutralizing CO2 emissions. Therefore, we would like to invite you to apply with your current state of research here until the 20th of February as a participant of one of our panels. We will be coming back to you by the 28th of February to let you know if you were selected.