Donnerstag, 14.02.2019

Roadmapping in Practice III

© selensergen – iStock/Fraunhofer IAO

Scenario-based roadmapping

Understanding trends and potentials at an early stage and integrating them into corporate strategy can generate essential competitive advantages and be the basis for long-term corporate success. One of the challenges is the integration of different business areas as well as the continuous coordination of interfaces in corporate planning. Integrated planning is often complicated by the use of various planning tools, consideration of different timeframes and last but not least differences in design mindset. Scenario-based Roadmap is in the center of this year’s conference that will be carried out in English language.

Based on the metaphor of a tangible map, planning activities in companies and company networks can be considerably supported by roadmaps. They enable the interlinkage of different planning levels beyond single disciplines such as products, markets, R&D projects or competences. The allocation of objects along the timeline is a common nominator of roadmaps. The event »Roadmapping in practice«, in its third edition in 2018, brings together practitioners and academics to exchange their latest insights on practical applications, research results and IT support, with this year’s focus on scenario-based roadmapping.

Participants will get to know case studies on the application of roadmaps in industrial companies, especially the application of scenario-based roadmapping as an element for strategic planning. They will learn more about the latest developments on the topic of roadmapping in innovation research and have the opportunity to get an insight into IT tools supporting the development and continuous update of roadmaps. An interactive session provides the framework to interactively participate in hands-on experiments related to current developments. Networking between a maximum of 70 is a key element of the event, including the evening program at the Fraunhofer Center for Virtual Engineering ZVE in Stuttgart.