Meeting the challenges of the future with quantum computers

Quantum computers have the potential to outperform even the fastest supercomputers. Something that was merely theoretical for a long time is now on the verge of a commercial breakthrough. Analysts at Morgan Stanley predict that the market for high-end quantum computers will reach 10 billion dollars by 2025, double what it is now. Alongside IBM and Google, Chinese internet giant Alibaba and startups such as Novarion, Rigetti and D-Wave are also entering this particular fray. What do the industrial and research sectors hope to achieve with quantum technology, and when will quantum computers become viable? weiterlesen

Research project

SEQUOIA project

In the “SEQUOIA” research project, Fraunhofer IAO and six partners are working together to establish a foundation for the targeted use of quantum computers in industry. The key objectives are to research, develop and test new methods, tools and procedures for quantum computing with a view to enabling future industrial use of hybrid quantum applications and algorithms.


Research project

AutoQML project

The “AutoQML” research project is run by a consortium of Fraunhofer IAO and IPA and six industrial partners. New tools, components, methods, and algorithms for automated machine learning using quantum computers are being developed on the basis of use cases from the automotive and manufacturing sectors. The research project aims to enable the use of quantum-based machine learning and to develop hybrid and efficient comprehensive solutions.



Knowledge transfer is a key element in bringing quantum computing to industrial applications. You can find out about informative events on the topic of “quantum computing” here.


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