Service and Human Resources Management Systems

Ensuring long-term high quality of services and work

Service quality became a decisive competitive criterion for all companies long ago – not just for traditional service providers. Even among manufacturers, the scope and design of their services constitute a key and unique selling point. But high-quality service portfolios do not simply emerge by chance. On the contrary, professionals must develop and manage these services. For this reason, companies ought to be organized in ways that ensure the efficient support of services and the targeted tapping of each employee’s potential.

The aim is to achieve the highest level of intelligent interaction between organizational structures and personnel. This can only be done by regarding not only structures and processes but also employees’ expertise and commitment as a single entity that is developed cohesively. That is why research activities and practical projects at Fraunhofer IAO’s Management of Services and HR research unit focus on two elemental aspects. The first is the establishment of innovative and appealing workplaces that foster learning; the second aspect concerns the development of organizational and HR skills.

The Management of Services and HR research unit at Fraunhofer IAO is one of the most important consultancies for services in all of Germany. Companies benefit from our specialists’ expertise and extensive practical services. In this context, we combine innovative research approaches with methods that have stood the test of time. Doing so helps us ensure the long-term viability and acceptance of specific measures for reorganization and training.

The Management of Services and HR research unit is specialized as follows:

  • Business innovation services
    (design of complex service systems and corresponding business models, testing the quality of smart services, optimization of service processes)
  • Engineering services
    (design thinking, agile development and testing of services, business models for new services, service platforms)
  • Skills management
    (strategy-oriented management of skills, skill forecasts, strategies for skill development, digital applications for learning and collaboration)

The Service and Human Resources Management Research Unit is organized in the following teams:


Competence Management

The Competence Management team’s research pursuits and implementation projects extend to all levels of skill development.


Service Business Innovation

This team concentrates on the customer-oriented design of complex services and corresponding business models.


Service Engineering

The Engineering Services team develops new services and service systems for today’s digitalization.


Business Education und Innovation