• Prof. Dr.-Ing. Prof. e. h. Wilhelm Bauer

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Prof. e. h.
    Wilhelm Bauer

    Head of Business Unit
    Corporate Development and Work Design


    Fraunhofer IAO
    Nobelstraße 12
    70569 Stuttgart, Germany

    • Phone +49 711 970-2090
Ideas for success © Fraunhofer IAO


Covering a wide range of research projects, the teams of scientists from Corporate Development and Work Design devise new analysis and design methods, alongside future scenarios, roadmaps and solution approaches. Commercial pilot projects ensure the practicable viability of results. Our customers include public sector sponsors such as the European Union, the German federal ministry of education and research (BMBF) or the state of Baden-Württemberg, as well as commercial associations focusing on innovation.

We are currently involved in the following research topics:

Live longer. Work longer. Learn longer.
Demographic developments are radically changing the future requirements for HR development and deployment: the ability of industry to perform effectively increasingly depends on older staff.

MAREMBA is a collaborative project funded by the German federal ministry of economics and technology (BMWi). The aim is to open up the market potential of major building projects to small and medium-sized enterprises in the electrical trade.

Assembly within Versatile Production Systems
Flexibility is not enough! Nobody doubts that assembly systems have to be flexible enough to support a range of products.

OFFICE 21: The Future of Office Work
The OFFICE 21 collaborative research project aims to come up with future-oriented solutions for productive, sustainable work in the office.

»Bank & Future« Innovation Forum
Research into key future issues surrounding innovations in the banking sector: some 25 banks and IT service providers from the financial sector are intensively collaborating in the Fraunhofer »Bank & Future« Innovation Forum.

The »FutureHotel« scenario project deals with central issues surrounding the hotel of the future.

Care 2020
Since the collaborative research project was launched in 2006, ‘Care 2020’ has been discussing and developing groundbreaking strategies and concepts for nursing care in the future.

Overwhelming financial constraints, social change and, not least, the demand for greater sustainability: the general situation faced by the construction industry is (quite rightly) deemed difficult.

Information and communication technologies take on a key role when it comes to cooperative work processes. Without these technologies, rapid and reliable cooperation processes within companies would be inconceivable.
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