• Jörg Castor

    Jörg Castor

    Workspace Innovation

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Research and development environments © Alexander Raths – Fotolia/Fraunhofer IAO

Interior design for creativity and innovation

Any company’s success relies on its ability to continuously develop new products or services and bring them to market. By creating the ideal conditions in which their employees can enhance their creative and innovative power, companies also generate an essential competitive advantage.

Fraunhofer IAO has a large stockpile of experience in designing workplaces in the R&D sector. Sustainable concepts combine activities such as measuring, testing, setting up and equipping with the ideal conditions for knowledge work. This also extends to quickly sourcing, compiling and evaluating information, brainstorming and collaborating across specialist or organizational boundaries.

We optimize our customers’ innovation processes by

  • analyzing and evaluating the current status of their work environment, profiles and requirements,
  • developing tailored concepts – from workspace configuration and room modules for innovation spaces, offices or labs, to complete test and development centers – and advising them on change management during implementation, and
  • providing assistance concerning bids and competitions.

Interested in helping your employees enhance their innovative power? We can help you there!

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