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Web-based business models © mediaphotos – iStock/Fraunhofer IAO

Cultivating targeted ideas and avoiding poor planning

Software solutions, service offers, collaboration models – the options for innovative internet business models are many, but they don’t just come about by chance. The IT world moves fast: exposing ideas to scrutiny early on matters more than ever before. Some of the important questions to ask include:

  • Which business ideas have potential? Which solutions are already on the market and which models might soon become outdated in the face of technological developments?
  • Which partners will contribute to success?
  • What are the price models required?

Fraunhofer IAO helps its customers every step of way, taking the first spark of an idea to a successful, web-based business model. We offer

  • wide-ranging experience, including high-profile reference projects
  • cross-sector market knowledge and extensive methodological expertise
  • up-to-the-minute technological know-how, and
  • synergies arising from the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft’s extensive network, where appropriate.

How does your online business idea shape up? Let’s find out together!

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