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Organisation der Forschung und Entwicklung (FuE) © shironosov – iStock/Fraunhofer IAO

Optimizing processes – pooling strengths

How an innovative company organizes its research and development activities is a key factor in its competitiveness. The challenge is to find structures and concepts that strike a balance between creative, performance-enhancing freedom and lean, efficient processes.

At Fraunhofer IAO, we can draw upon decades of experience in systematic R&D management – something that is unique within the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. We combine the latest scientific findings with tried-and-trusted business practices such as lean development or agile innovation.

For our customers, we

  • analyze the current state of their R&D organization and identify potential improvements,
  • determine the needs of the company and the sector,
  • use these needs as the basis for developing holistic and tailored concepts for lean processes and efficient R&D organization and
  • draft an action plan for the relevant measures and provide support during implementation.

We know from experience that involving the relevant employees in all project phases and tapping their knowledge is important for ensuring broad acceptance of the measures you implement. We can also design suitable training, incentive and career systems for R&D employees.

If you want to optimize your R&D organization, let us help you!

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