• Daniel Borrmann

    Daniel Borrmann

    Mobility Concepts and Infrastructure

    • Phone +49 711 970-2030
  • Sebastian Stegmüller

    Sebastian Stegmüller

    Mobility Innovation

    • Phone +49 711 970-2320
Mobility innovations © Marc Mueller/Fraunhofer IAO

Ideas, prototypes and implementation from a single source

It all starts with a good idea, but the road that leads to successful innovation is usually a long one. You have to design a prototype, build it, test it using the chosen target group and adopt the right business model. Ensuring an efficient product development process calls for good market knowledge, creativity and sound methods.

Fraunhofer IAO specializes in supporting the development of mobility products and services – from charging stations and a range of mobility services to entire vehicles. To do this, we provide access to a variety of rapid technologies, such as 3D printing, as well as to a workshop for mechanical and electrical engineering projects.

For our customers, we

  • identify future-oriented technologies that offer a significant competitive advantage,
  • develop and build mobility prototypes and products,
  • design and carry out market tests and evaluations and
  • draft approved business models and help find the right partners.

Our extensive expertise in developing innovative mobility solutions is a result of the wide range of contracts we fulfill for industry and public-sector customers. Our passion for realizing and testing new technology ideas continues to drive us forward in our own research projects.

If you want to turn your product idea into a successful mobility innovation, get in touch with us!

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