• Gabriele Scheffler

    Gabriele Scheffler

    Fraunhofer Application Center KEIM

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IT solution for mobility

A special IT application for smart fleet management

When companies and communities optimize how their fleets are used, they lower their costs as well as CO2 emissions. This is especially true when they also integrate electric vehicles into their fleets.

EcoGuru is a mobility management system developed at Fraunhofer IAO. This powerful IT application can be controlled via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and connects a fleet’s vehicles within a tailored and interacting cyber-physical system (CPS).

We help fleet operators to

  • integrate electric vehicles into their own existing fleets,
  • efficiently coordinate how all vehicles are utilized,
  • incorporate playful elements that encourage drivers to drive in a cost-efficient manner,
  • optimize charging processes and the utilization of electric vehicles, and
  • integrate innovative real-time processes such as organized ride sharing and automated vehicle status reporting, and even public transportation and car sharing systems.

The interface can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

If you want to minimize your fleet’s ecological footprint, talk to us about mobility management!

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