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Electrification of vehicle fleets © Fraunhofer IAO

Minimizing pollution – lowering costs – boosting image

Operators that incorporate electric vehicles into their fleets help minimize CO2 emissions, lower their vehicle tax, insurance and operation costs, and project an environmentally friendly image. Today’s smart solutions for managing vehicles, charging procedures and energy resources make up for the drawbacks of limited range.

Fraunhofer IAO has been helping companies and communities to integrate electric vehicles into existing fleets since 2011. Our goal is to assist in fulfilling specific mobility requirements and in making the right investment decisions.

Our services include

  • analyzing existing fleets in terms of function, usage and utilization,
  • developing economically and ecologically sound electrification scenarios,
  • providing electric vehicles and charging infrastructure for test phases lasting several months,
  • providing and tailoring cloud-based IT solutions for fleet management,
  • sparking employees’ enthusiasm for electromobility technology during training as well as
  • advising on procurement and implementation during fleet electrification.

Our IT tools are smart products that help you simplify and optimize the operation of your charging infrastructure and energy systems.

If you want to leverage the potential of vehicle fleet electrification, tap our knowledge advantage!

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