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Manufacturing in the city in an economical, sustainable and employee-friendly way

Although the mega trend of urbanization continues unabated, manufacturing companies in cities must pay close attention to environmentally sound production and logistics. For this, they benefit from shorter distances, higher employer attractiveness for skilled specialists and opportunities for flexible production capacity.

At Fraunhofer IAO, we evaluate the company-specific potential for urban production for our clients. We do this by

  • evaluating from a holistic perspective whether relocating a company or factory to a city environment makes sense,
  • determining how to optimize existing locations in urban settings,
  • formulating areas of action together with the client,
  • creating a roadmap for specific steps, and
  • supporting our client during implementation.

The Urban Production innovation cluster provides a supporting network made up of interested companies, local and regional stakeholders and Fraunhofer IAO experts. Fruitful synergies and tangible courses of action arise in a mutually beneficial exchange of ideas for production in urban environments.

How can you optimize your urban production? Let’s figure it out together!

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