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Application and user-oriented IT security © weerapat1003 – Fotolia/Fraunhofer IAO

Application- and user-oriented security management

In our increasingly networked business world, IT security has long been an integral part of management. Companies and institutions are often faced with the following challenges:

  • Protect sensitive data and systems against unauthorized users while simultaneously granting access only to legitimate users
  • Create lean, efficient processes for security and identity management
  • Keep the evolution of information technology cost-effective

Fraunhofer IAO has a long-track record of creating cross-sector state-of-the-art IT security concepts. Our service portfolio includes the following:

  • Analyze security-relevant issues in your organization
  • Assess and integrate requirements and needs of employees, customers and business partners
  • Recommend company-specific measures that guarantee continuous, long-term information security
  • Identify and assess the necessary technologies in a vendor-neutral manner
  • Provide support during the introduction of new security concepts
  • Produce security manuals and training material
  • Prepare formal security certification by external authorities

Do you want to assure the security of your IT systems and data? We can provide the appropriate protection!

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