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Utilizing and protecting intellectual property

In many companies, new developments and innovation are key to business success. Yet small and medium-sized enterprises in particular rarely make systematic use of their intellectual property (IP) to position themselves strategically in the marketplace.

Fraunhofer IAO helps customers to build up their technical expertise in a targeted way, and then use it systematically and protect it efficiently.

The services we offer include

  • developing IP strategies and aligning them with the particular company’s business and innovation model and,
  • evaluating patents and patent portfolios,
  • identifying R&D potential using IT-supported White Spot Analysis,
  • optimizing the effectiveness and efficiency of IP management,
  • monitoring Chinese technology developments and patent activities and
  • employing biomimetics to address engineering problems.

Everything we do is based on methods developed at Fraunhofer IAO, and we have access to a wide range of technology experts from within the Fraunhofer network in the case of specialist questions.

Take advantage of our wealth of experience and optimize your IP strategy and increase your profits!

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