• Georg Göhler

    Georg Göhler

    Mobility Concepts and Infrastructure

    • Phone +49 711 970-2340
  • Florian Klausmann

    Florian Klausmann

    Mobility Concepts and Infrastructure

    • Phone +49 711 970-2315
Energy concepts Foto: Friedrich Stampe, © Fraunhofer IAO

Building skills – reducing energy consumption

Efficient energy management helps companies, public facilities and research institutions to cut costs and reduce CO2 emissions. But getting there is not easy: retaining an overview of numerous technologies as well as legal and economic guidelines is a prerequisite.

At Fraunhofer IAO, we work with our customers to develop sustainable, tailored energy concepts. Our holistic approach takes into account multiple aspects, such as generating and storing energy, selecting the right energy management system, and innovative heating and electromobility solutions.

The services we offer our customers include

  • conducting energy efficiency analyses,
  • identifying areas for improvement,
  • developing individualized energy concepts and analyzing them by means of technical simulations and cost-effectiveness analyses as well as
  • offering assistance during rollout.

We find the best solution by working objectively and, where necessary, drawing on the expertise from within the sizeable Fraunhofer network.

Make the most of our expertise and implement an efficient energy concept!

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