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    Fraunhofer IAO
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    70569 Stuttgart, Germany

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Equal Opportunities

The Fraunhofer IAO exercises consistent employee-orientation, which is the foundation for their outstanding achievements and secures them a long-term competitive position. We are convinced that a high quality service offer requires a balanced team of women and men, young and experienced employees and teams made up of different specialised fields and cultures.

In their quest for equality and teamwork, the Fraunhofer IAO plans to increase the percentage of women in research and management, in order to benefit from female conduct and perspectives and profit from balanced mixed gender co-operations.

Before equal opportunities can be achieved, the general structure and surrounding conditions must be adapted to suit the different career plans and interests of women and men.

In order realise equal opportunities it is necessary to be open minded to different opinions and to implement the use of various personnel policies. The Fraunhofer society and the individual institutes are responsible for this together.

The Fraunhofer society has had a central equal opportunities officer since 2006, who attends to the various topics surrounding workplace equality between men and women on a strategic level; on an operational level she works together with the commissioners for equal opportunities located at each individual institute.

The IAT at the University of Stuttgart, the co-operate partner for the Fraunhofer IAO, there are additional opportunities for the advancement of women in business. The University of Stuttgart makes specific projects possible for the advancement of female recruits and managers.

Distinguished for embracing equal opportunity

For the fifth time in a row, Fraunhofer IAO and its partner IAT of the University of Stuttgart received the Total E-Quality award for equal opportunity on October 24, 2014. With this title, Total E-Quality Deutschland e.V. honors companies and organizations that foster equal opportunities and practice sustainable personnel policies. The distinction is valid for three years.

Equal Opportunities Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft


Projects at the Fraunhofer IAO and IAT University of Stuttgart

The first step towards awareness within an organization is a solid foundation stone, for example intern communication regarding possible changes such as information about goals, paths and the new developments towards equality. Throughout the last few years the number of projects aimed to promote academic recruitment has increased. The Fraunhofer IAO offers special programs for girls to encourage the connection between scientific aptitude and career at an early stage. Apart from internships specifically directed at girls to enhance contact with technology, the Fraunhofer IAO together with the other Stuttgarter Fraunhofer Institutes also organises an annual Girl’s Day.

Approximately 100 girls aged between ten and 16 are given the opportunity to take an insight into the range of activities currently available in the field of research. In addition to this, within the context of the Boy’s Day, the Fraunhofer IAO and KIND e.V. attempt to change the antiquated views of young boys on role perception with regard to social careers. This project introduces boys aged 13 and older to educational careers for the first time.

The human resource development approach at the Fraunhofer society enables their Fraunhofer IAO employees to take part in numerous training and further education programs and the opportunity to complete dissertation and post doctorates.There are management seminars, coaching and mentoring programs available which are specifically aimed at the female management sector. The Fraunhofer IAO also plans to lay the foundation for an internal networking system for the benefit of young female scientists. Networks serve to simplify communication and collaboration, and they allow the exchange of knowledge beyond the realms of the institute. In order to give our employees the ability to juggle family and career, the Fraunhofer Institute offers flexible working hours and leave of absence according to the individual requirements of parents - for both women and men. This includes reliable child care facilities within the vicinity of the Institute, which opens up the doors to working life again, as it enables the parents to return to previous employment quickly.

Knowledge exchange with independent external experts is often regarded by women in management as valuable support. For this reason, on an international level, the Fraunhofer society is a member of the EWDM (European Women’s Development Management International Network). The EWDM is a network which offers international discussions on current management queries independently of branches or hierarchy.

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