Reinforcing skills and making the most of opportunities

Fraunhofer offers its staff a superb platform for furthering their personal and professional development, providing excellent preparation for challenging positions both within the institutes and in other areas of research, business and society as a whole.

Anyone applying to work at a company who can point to Fraunhofer work experience benefits from the superb reputation associated with this name. As well as standing for research excellence and pragmatic, problem-oriented and professional work, it also represents an impressive breadth of knowledge and experience.

Fraunhofer promotes and supports your ongoing personal development. This means giving people the opportunity to enhance their professional qualifications within the course of carrying out their work, for example in the form of PhD research. Our projects also frequently throw up ideas or technical developments that you may wish to build on as a business concept and market under your own steam. Fraunhofer actively supports and encourages spin-offs.

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