Thank you for your interest in a career at the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO)!

Here you will find all the important information and tips you need for your application.

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Tell us who you are:

Your application is generally the first point of contact between yourself and our employees. Use this opportunity to show us who you are. The easiest way to make a great first impression is by presenting us with a thorough, clearly structured and, most importantly, convincing application, which can be sent to us either via our online application or by post.

core points by making sure your application is complete:

Cover letter:
This is where you can tell us where you found out about us and which position you are interested in at the Fraunhofer IAO (if possible please include the reference number). Let us know which field within our institute it is you are interested in, include examples of any previously related work experience you have and your qualifications for that particular field. Please include the earliest employment starting date. If possible, please ensure your application does not exceed an A4 size paper.

CV / Resume:
Your CV should be written neatly and methodically (American format, chronologically structured), as this is easy to read. This will give us an idea of who you are, what qualifications you have and your occupational history up to now.

Your CV should include details about your education, previous employment, knowledge and skills (e.g. hardware, software, foreign languages or other qualifications) and should also include information about yourself and your personal interests.

Examination results and references:
Please limit your selection of certifications and references to the position in question. This should generally include university and college qualifications and employer’s references from previous work.

Work experience and publications:
If you are applying for a scientific position and you have publicised articles, please include a list of the publications which would be of interest to us. If you are interested in other fields, in which you have already completed work experience, please also include this list in your application.

Please understand that we can only process and pass on completed applications. It goes without saying that your documents will be handled in strict confidence and will only be saved internally, according to our data protection regulations.

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