• Willi Wendt
    Willi Wendt

    Infortmation Management


    Fraunhofer IAO
    Nobelstraße 12
    70569 Stuttgart, Germany

    • Phone +49 711 970-2427
Secur-Ed © Yakobchuk -

SECUR-ED ( brings together all relevant urban rail stakeholders from across Europe; it is a demonstration project funded by the European Union, in which security enhancing technologies and systems will be put to practice and demonstrated in four major European cities (Madrid, Paris, Milan and Berlin).

Fraunhofer IAO designs the generic interoperability concept for those security solutions, is involved in crisis modelling, develops competence management approaches and provides a solution for post-event analysis. Following this, the effectiveness of the developed global security package will be put to the test in the urban transport systems in additional cities like Brussels, Lisbon, Istanbul, and Bucharest.

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