• Dr. Wolf Engelbach

    Wolf Engelbach

    Head of Competence Team Information Management


    Fraunhofer IAO
    Nobelstraße 12
    70569 Stuttgart, Germany

    • Phone +49 711 970-2128
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The Information Management Competence Team develops methods and processes to extract important and previously unused information from existing data and efficiently archive the information. In doing so, a central task is to map and fully support the work processes within and between companies with existing IT systems or with newly set up platforms.

The collaboration of people and organizations, the mobile availability of information, as well as the question of IT security for the managed data, represent particular focal points. The scope of advice and research offered begins with an analysis of requirements. This is followed up by a technical concept for the organization and information involved, and continues through to the choice of the system, support during implementation and evaluation.

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