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Of operating Concepts in Vehicles

The abundance of information and assistance systems is radically changing the way we drive. Communication and information systems, tracking, parking and alertness assistants are today already integrated in many vehicle classes as comfort and safety features.

Future concepts envisage a much more far-ranging deployment of such electronic helpers. Multi-display solutions will be accompanied by assistants that support the driver’s ecological awareness, or by the integration of office functions.

A host of questions must be answered in order to integrate the diverse components and functions in the cockpit so that they genuinely provide more safety and comfort: How do different drivers use the assistance systems and how can these systems be adapted to the behavior and habits of the drivers? What kind of concepts and solutions will lead to products that are convenient to operate, gain wide acceptance and also ensure a high level of driving safety? Our teams support enterprises in finding substantiated answers to such questions by using special tools and methods that create real and virtual prototypes out of concepts and design outlines, making it possible to put the operating concepts literally within reach.

We use driving simulators for the efficient prototyping and testing of HMI concepts. The simulators have been equipped with a re-configurable human-machine interface. This allows the most diverse prototypes and conceptual ideas to be integrated in the cockpit quickly, in order test them in a near-realistic driving simulator.

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