• Joachim Lentes

    Joachim Lentes

    Digital Engineering


    Fraunhofer IAO
    Nobelstraße 12
    70569 Stuttgart, Germany

    • Phone +49 711 970-2285
Digital Engineering
Our »product« is in fact a significant increase in efficiency all along the path from planning to manufacturing, an end-to-end approach to processes that include relevant information flows. Our approach to process design is based on a holistic consideration of all aspects of organization and information.

We analyze the intermediate processes a company employs up to final realization of a product in terms of the interfaces existing between areas of specialization, responsibilities, data ownership as well as insular or inhomogeneous IT systems and media incompatibilities. Together with specialists from the company itself, for instance in design, series production, or IT, we then design an end-to-end customized overall process for the company.

In order to efficiently implement digital engineering specific to the detailed requirements of the company, we devise a roadmap made up of clearly structured intermediate steps that are built up upon one another. Thanks to our experience in industrial projects and our independence from individual manufacturers, our customers benefit from our know-how and commitment during the integration and implementation of appropriate engineering systems that best suit the processes involved.

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