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Unternehmensentwicklung und Arbeitsgestaltung

MAREMBA is a collaborative project funded by the German federal ministry of economics and technology (BMWi). The aim is to open up the market potential of major building projects to small and medium-sized enterprises in the electrical trade.

The project involves developing a collaboration platform and facilitating access via mobile terminal devices such as handhelds or cell phones. The system helps smaller tradesmen get involved in invitations to tender by teaming up with others as a cooperation partner.

The technology behind the collaboration system is based on industry-standard software that has been upgraded with a web-based platform and fitted with components to provide mobile access. The researchers involved in the project are working not just on the platform, but also on suitable business and operating models for commercial usage. In addition to the Fraunhofer IAO, the etz Stuttgart (Electrical Technology Center), the skilled trades company Heldele, as well as PDS GmbH and the Baden-Württemberg Manual Trades Association (BWHT) are also involved.

Fraunhofer IAO Study:
Mobile Assistenz für das Ressourcenmanagement in der Bau-Auftragsabwicklung

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