• Matthias Peissner

    Matthias Peissner

    Head Competence Center
    Human Computer Interaction


    Fraunhofer IAO
    Nobelstraße 12
    70569 Stuttgart, Germany

    • Phone +49 711 970-2311
Usability Lab © Fraunhofer IAO

In order to be able to design products and services in the best possible way, those who are going to use the equipment and systems at a later date should be actively included in the crucial phases of the project.

The interaction between human beings and the technology can be observed and analyzed using the most up-to-date media technology and special evaluation tools in the usability laboratory of the Fraunhofer IAO. In this way, possible problems with the operation of the system can be identified and eliminated at an early stage. In cases where the actual conditions of use and the actual behavior of the future users can be sufficiently reconstructed in a laboratory environment, equipment designed by the laboratory for mobile solutions can be put into use directly on site.

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