• Dr.-Ing.
Manfred Dangelmaier

    Manfred Dangelmaier

    Virtual Environments


    Fraunhofer IAO
    Nobelstraße 12
    70569 Stuttgart, Germany

    • Phone +49 711 970-2107
VI Lab © Thomas Ernsting
As its name suggests, the Vehicle Interaction Lab is used for research into the interaction between human beings and vehicles.

The core aspect of this research revolves around the ideal design of the interface between man and machine for new electronic systems in vehicles.

For usability engineering, driving simulators are used that allow testing of a wide variety of alternatives in reproducible situations. Dangerous situations, above all, can be analyzed without risk. In such cases, we make use of either a simulator in combination with a real vehicle and a virtual environment; or we use virtual reality simulators in which a computer recreates the vehicle and the street.

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