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Developing viable security systems

Technological solutions related to security, privacy and reliability often fail to specifically address real market needs, user requirements and the overall business context. As a consequence, many security technologies in recent years have failed in the marketplace, or have become orphaned in companies where they are never used. This is why many enterprises are unable to profit from security technologies that could lead to considerable security improvements.

We use the term “viable security” to refer to solutions that are successful in the marketplace and improve security when applied in practice. When creating such solutions, developers must focus on the real-world working environments of users. The VS-Lab viable security laboratory supports vendors in their evaluation and development work, and helps enterprises to identify and integrate viable security solutions. In pursuit of these objectives, the VS-Lab features infrastructure that enables it to incorporate user perspectives and thereby examine IT security technologies from a holistic point of view.

Incorporating a user-centric perspective in security solutions evaluation

Through our user vulnerability assessments, we are able to systematically and interactively involve focus groups in the evaluation of security solutions. Applying this methodology also makes it possible to analyze key attributes such as awareness, perceived benefit of the solution or risk affinity of the user. In this way, we can determine whether or not a given security solution addresses the needs of users, or whether specific trainings during technology integration are necessary.

Supporting the integration of security solutions in enterprises

The VS-Lab infrastructure enables us to assess and optimize administrative outlays for the integration and task-technology fit of security solutions. We develop procedures and recommendations for integrating and adapting IT security solutions within enterprises. Within this context, we emphasize the assessment of user awareness, the positioning of adjacent processes in existing systems, and the examination of potential cost-saving technologies.

Identifying vulnerabilities and creating solutions

Using isolated perimeters and tools for analysis of security software, we are able to identify vulnerabilities of solutions before deployment. Penetration testing enables us to pinpoint potential weaknesses of deployed security software. Additionally, we continuously improve our in house solutions to identify potential attack vectors, e.g. in cryptography systems.

Designing viable security systems

Our VS-Lab infrastructure allows us to provide support services to buyers and developers of IT security solutions. Users of such solutions benefit from our comprehensive requirements analysis and socio-technological assessment of potential integrated solution vulnerabilities. Vendors benefit from user-acceptance of their products, and thus success in their marketplace. We are happy to offer our comprehensive range of services for the creation of viable IT security systems.

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