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The basis for all work undertaken at the Fraunhofer IAO is a deep conviction that business success in a globalised arena is contingent on an ability to profitably leverage new high-tech potentials. In order to optimally exploit these opportunities, companies must be capable of developing and implementing customer and employee-oriented technologies faster than their competitors. Work organisation concepts must be simultaneously innovative and anthropocentric. A systematic design, in other words, is the outcome of pooled management and technical expertise. This holistic perspective when it comes to project processing ensures that equal consideration is given to commercial success, employees' interests and social consequences.

Through its close cooperation with the Institute for Human Factors and Technology Management (IAT) of the University of Stuttgart, Fraunhofer IAO unites basic university research with applied science and business practice.

Technology that feels good Technology that feels good

In the EMOIO project launched at the beginning of the year, Fraunhofer IAO is working with partners from research and industry to study how they might record and classify the emotional experiences that take place when a human being interacts with a technical product. more

Services for innovative urban systems Services for innovative urban systems

The Smart Urban Services pilot project “Data-based service platform for tomorrow’s urban value-added networks” aims to identify the areas of most potential and develop a platform that profitably connects the various subsystems of a city. more

Study: R&D - Fit for future Study: R&D - Fit for future

Fraunhofer IAO’s “R&D – Fit for Future” study tackles current issues, presenting not only the latest findings about trends and success factors in research and development but also tried and tested company practices and methods. more

Innovation impetus for Southeast Asia Innovation impetus for Southeast Asia

Fraunhofer IAO and SIRIM, a research institution in Malaysia, will work together to support small and medium-sized enterprises with their expertise in innovation and technology management in the future. In December 2014, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and SIRIM signed a declaration of intent for the cooperation. more

Industry 4.0: China moves into the fast lane Industry 4.0: China moves into the fast lane

Part of Fraunhofer IAO’s China TechWatch research project involves analyzing developments in Chinese technology. The project’s first white paper reveals that China is way out in front when it comes to patents for the basic technologies needed for industry 4.0. more

Intelligent energy management Intelligent energy management

Infrastructure operators are pushing the boundaries of what conventional energy management systems can cope with. This led Fraunhofer IAO and partners from the research and industrial communities to join forces as part of the SmartEnergyHub project to develop a smart data platform that reduces energy consumption by optimizing operational processes. more

Mission: city of the future Mission: city of the future

Science Year 2015 is devoted to the city of the future. On February 19, Fraunhofer IAO joined representatives of communities, science, industry and the general public in Berlin to present recommendations for how we can sustainably develop our cities and equip them for the future. more

Survey on the sharing economySurvey on the sharing economy

Is the sharing economy just media hype or is it in fact a development we should be taking seriously? What risks and opportunities does this growing economic system hold for conventional businesses? Fraunhofer IAO is examining these questions in an online survey. more

LOGWERT adds to Heilbronns status as a research hub LOGWERT adds to Heilbronn's status as a research hub

On March 1, 2015, the LOGWERT competence center in Heilbronn will be ready to start its work. The center brings together Fraunhofer IAO’s expertise in mobility and urban systems engineering with Heilbronn University’s specialist knowledge of logistics. more

Service Research Award Service Research Award

On March 5, Thomas Meiren, service researcher and head of department at Fraunhofer IAO, was awarded the 2015 CFSMI Award in recognition of his success in researching and promoting new services. The Confederation for Services Management International made the presentation as part of the 87th AFSMI Chapter Meeting. more

Air humidity in the office workplace Air humidity in the office workplace

The study illustrates the significance of air humidity in the office and the impacts it has on well-being, performance and health from the user’s perspective. more

FutureHotel International Hotel Guest Survey FutureHotel International Hotel Guest Survey

A survey of innovative solutions conducted with hotel guests from selected international markets ; study as part of the FutureHotel research project: As a guest, what do you expect from a hotel of the future? The aim was to find out what guests expect from the hotels of tomorrow, what range of services will be expected in the future. more

Productivity Guidelines for Services Productivity Guidelines for Services (Complete Edition, 8 Issues)

Each of the eight working groups of the strategic partnership »Productivity of Services« has produced a productivity guideline as its central result. Each guideline presents productivity scenarios, practice-oriented examples and recommendations for action. more

The R&D Management Conference 2014 The R&D Management Conference 2014

Connecting research and development with future markets was the topic of the international R&D Management Conference 2014 in Stuttgart. The three broad categories: R&D Organization and Efficiency, Strategic R&D and Technology Management, and Innovative IT Systems in R&D. more

Managing Open Innovation in Large Firms Managing Open Innovation in Large Firms

The Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation at the University of California, Berkeley, in the US and the Fraunhofer Society in Germany have teamed up to conduct the first large sample survey of open innovation adoption among large firms that we know of.

Banks & Future 2012 Banks & Future 2012

Based on the responses of banks from fifteen European countries, the European Trend Survey "Banks & Future 2012" identifies the challenges and key trends in the European payment market faced by European banks. more

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