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The basis for all work undertaken at the Fraunhofer IAO is a deep conviction that business success in a globalised arena is contingent on an ability to profitably leverage new high-tech potentials. In order to optimally exploit these opportunities, companies must be capable of developing and implementing customer and employee-oriented technologies faster than their competitors. Work organisation concepts must be simultaneously innovative and anthropocentric. A systematic design, in other words, is the outcome of pooled management and technical expertise. This holistic perspective when it comes to project processing ensures that equal consideration is given to commercial success, employees' interests and social consequences.

Through its close cooperation with the Institute for Human Factors and Technology Management (IAT) of the University of Stuttgart, Fraunhofer IAO unites basic university research with applied science and business practice.

Better prospects through equal opportunity Better prospects through equal opportunity

On May 7-8, 2015, Fraunhofer IAO is hosting the Gender and diversity management in research conference as part of the EU-funded project STAGES (Structural Transformation to Achieve Gender Equality in Science). The conference focuses on equal opportunity in the workplace, specifically in the research environment. more

Electric vehicles for Fellbach Electric vehicles for Fellbach

With eight electric vehicles currently in operation, Fellbach City Council’s vehicle fleet is now electric. In preparation for the switchover, Fraunhofer IAO scientists working as part of the project simulated various scenarios for systematically electrifying the council’s fleet and provided a cost and environmental analysis. more

Visualizing technology networks Visualizing technology networks

Research collaborations and related networks are becoming increasingly important in developing new technologies, particularly since more and more of these activities are interdisciplinary. Fraunhofer IAO’s new “ResearchLandscaping” method makes it easier to find suitable partners. more

Milestones in Human-Machine Cooperation Milestones in Human-Machine Cooperation

Just a little over a year has passed since BBC News ranked the Robo-Mate exoskeleton at No. 2,right after the announcement of the new iPhone, and major technical progress has been made on several fronts. more

Energy efficiency you can count on Energy efficiency you can count on

The building sector accounts for 40 percent of primary energy consumption in Europe. Home owners seeking for energy efficiency are faced with confusing and sometimes contradictory information. Now, Fraunhofer IAO has developed a smartphone app in the EU project ENBUS! that helps home owners calculate the tangible benefits of energy efficiency measures. more

Best Paper Award for IAO Researchers Best Paper Award for IAO Researchers

At the APMS 2014 International Conference, Joachim Lentes and his team at Fraunhofer IAO were awarded the Best Paper Award 2014 by the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP). This winning paper discusses their project to create an open platform for improving information flow during product development and production. more

Distinguished for embracing equal opportunity Distinguished for embracing equal opportunity

For the fifth time in a row, Fraunhofer IAO and its partner IAT of the University of Stuttgart received the Total E-Quality award for equal opportunity on October 24, 2014. With this title, Total E-Quality Deutschland e.V. honors companies and organizations that foster equal opportunities and practice sustainable personnel policies. more

City of Stuttgart becomes reality lab City of Stuttgart becomes reality lab

Several research institutes will be investigating new forms of knowledge transfer in the applied research project “Future City Lab_Stuttgart: Reality Lab for Sustainable Mobility Culture.” The research format is designed to make it easier to link scientific findings with policy and industry, and especially to increase society’s capacity to take action. more

E-car sharing comes of age E-car sharing comes of age

Giving up your own car and sharing one with other people instead – car sharing is the hot trend of the moment. But if it’s going to succeed with electric vehicles, charging times need to be shorter and booking processes simpler. That means a straightforward process for finding the electric car that best suits your needs as well as a wide-ranging charging infrastructure. more

The fascination of coworking Book release “The fascination of coworking”

The “coworking” and “coworking spaces” phenomenon is popping up in the media with increasing frequency. Even so, this way of organizing labor and cooperation appears to be the exclusive right of the self-employed or young start-up companies. For the first time, Fraunhofer IAO examines how companies and their teams can benefit from the new approaches. more

Productivity Guidelines for Services Productivity Guidelines for Services (Complete Edition, 8 Issues)

Each of the eight working groups of the strategic partnership »Productivity of Services« has produced a productivity guideline as its central result. Each guideline presents productivity scenarios, practice-oriented examples and recommendations for action. more

The R&D Management Conference 2014 The R&D Management Conference 2014

Connecting research and development with future markets was the topic of the international R&D Management Conference 2014 in Stuttgart. The three broad categories: R&D Organization and Efficiency, Strategic R&D and Technology Management, and Innovative IT Systems in R&D. more

Managing Open Innovation in Large Firms Managing Open Innovation in Large Firms

The Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation at the University of California, Berkeley, in the US and the Fraunhofer Society in Germany have teamed up to conduct the first large sample survey of open innovation adoption among large firms that we know of.

Banks & Future 2012 Banks & Future 2012

Based on the responses of banks from fifteen European countries, the European Trend Survey "Banks & Future 2012" identifies the challenges and key trends in the European payment market faced by European banks. more

Professional Training Facts 2011 Professional Training Facts 2011

Learning - Competence - Performance ; Proceedings of the Professional Training Facts Conference held at Stuttgart, Germany, 18-19 October 2011 (CD-ROM) Thinking of competence management limited to employees and optimisation of working processes, definitely underestimates its range of performance. mehr

Reser 2011 RESER 2011 ; Conference Proceedings (CD-ROM)

»Productivity of Services NextGen - Beyond Output / Input«: has been the theme for the RESER 2011 conference. Researchers from different disciplines and countries have contributed their latest findings to the conference. more

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