Open Innovation - The Next Wave?


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Open Innovation @ K.– U. Häßler-

Our third Open Innovation Forum brings together innovation practitioners and experts to share findings from the last years and to discuss the »next wave« of open innovation. Join us, together with our experts, for a journey full of experiences, practical insights, and discussions shaping future trends of open innovation.

Conference Topics
Open Innovation Management & Measurement

Opening up to external innovation sources results in new managerial challenges. It requires firms to successfully align external and internal innovation activities. Learn from good practices and recent research how to manage and measure innovation to create impact from openness.

Cross Industry Innovation
External innovation sources from distant knowledge domains help firms to overcome industry constraints. They offer great opportunities to source well-tested ideas, to accelerate the fuzzy front end, and to find new means to leverage the firm’s internal technological competencies. Learn about new approaches and tools which enable you to benefit from an active involvement of cross-industry partners.

Communities & Social Media
New technologies and organizational practices have changed how firms organize their searches for and creation of new ideas.Leading innovators and experts will share experiences on opportunities and challenges of community-based innovation and social technologies.

Ecosystem, Value Creation & Sustainability
Successful open innovators rely on collaborative and long-term partnerships providing components, complements and customers for their innovation. Discuss with leading experts how to create and coordinate your firm’s ecosystem for innovation-based value creation and sustainability.

International Keynotes

Prof. Wim Vanhaverbeke

Managing Open Innovation Effectively - Lessons Learned from the Past and Future Challenges

Prof. Wim Vanhaverbeke, Professor for Open Innovation at ESADE, Vlerick Leuven Gent School of Management and Hasselt University

Darwin Solomon

A Vision towards a Sustainable Future: Leveraging Open Innovation for Sustainability

Solomon N. Darwin, Associate Director, Center for Open Innovation, UC Berkeley, Partner of Henry Chesbrough

April 5th, 2011
Time: ca. 09:00 – ca. 19:30 (registrations starts 08:30)

Fraunhofer IZS, Auditorium A&B, Nobelstr. 12, 70569 Stuttgart

Participation Fee
The standard participation fee is 595 € per person

Withdrawal Deadline
March 30rd 2011

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